Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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The SINOLIFT relies heavily on ancillary manufactured products to increase the safety and productivity of its methods and operations. SINOLIFT partners with the industry to provide products to customer specifications.

Cable drums are large, clunky and hard to control when being moved. It's difficult for workers to move them without mechanical aid and occupational health and safety rules now consider this so you need to manage appropriately. The use of the correct drum handling equipment is essential to the sound management of industrial cable.

Here is a short list of the more common kinds of drum handling equipment which are more specifically used in the SINOLIFT handling industry:

Drum trolley - this cart with a sturdy base and widely spaced wheels distributes the weight of the drum over the entire frame. The trolley is on wheels so that when the drum is placed on the trolley, it can be easily moved to where it's required. This satisfies any OH&S requirements, as there is no heavy lifting on the part of the worker.

Hydraulic drum jack - used to support a cable drum, the hydraulics mean that the drum can be lifted easily, and the trundles installed on the bottom make it easy to move. It can be found in various sizes, and some types even fold up so they are far more easily transported.

Drum caddy - there are two different types of applications that are both called by the same name. One kind of these is specifically for the transportation of drums and is quite like the drum trolley (described earlier). The other type of drum caddy is a basic metal frame used to store one or more drums in a range of configurations.

Drum rollers - one type of drum roller is used to rotate large drums of liquids while the type used in the cable laying industry holds cable drums from 500mm and 1200mm in diameter and up to one tonne WLL, and is sold as a pair. This type also folds up for transport and storage.

With the enormous quantities of cable used by industry has come the necessity to find efficient drum handling techniques, and as technology continues to evolve and develop, Drum Handling Equipment will also need to evolve and develop to maintain its efficient partnership with cable.

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